RISE Events serve our primary goal of connecting like-minded followers of Jesus with one another for the purpose of unity of vision and strategy as we partner with God in bringing heaven to earth through His love, presence, power, and practical solutions. It's become obvious to those who seek societal change that those who "climb the mountains" of influence simply cannot advance alone without risking their very lives and families. We were never meant to do it alone and if we are going to take the spiritual ground God meant for us to take individually and collectively, then we must learn as "mountain climbers" to be "roped" with others. When we are, we can draw upon each other's insights, advances, and strengths. Ongoing, as the community of reformers grows, we look forward to planning and hosting a variety of meetings in different settings and creative formats that will facilitate what God wants and directs RISE to do and be throughout the nations. We will continue to host RISE Intensives where we teach our three different RISE Courses in an intimate, relational, and interactive setting. 

RISE Events will most likely always be exclusively for those who have joined the community (those who have completed all three RISE Courses). We understand that will seriously impact the number of those able to attend events (especially in our early stages), but we anticipate a steady growth without compromising our priorities as a community. The goal of RISE Events is to connect reformers, therefore it's imperative that all gathered have the same understanding and general convictions about reformation so that conversations and relationships aren't hindered by disagreement over the basics of beliefs regarding the kingdom of God coming to earth and our God-given role in that. As you interact with others who have been through the same RISE Courses, you'll find that you "speak the same language" and can easily progress past the usual concerns about how dark things are and engage in the greater questions of how we will shine brighter. 


All hosted by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow.


All California Events.

The Refuge Church
9259 Utica Avenue - Ste 125
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Best Western Plus Heritage Inn
8179 Spruce Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 466-1111

If you are flying to California, please note that Refuge Church is about an hour from LAX or 10 minutes from Ontario.

Ask for the RISE discount room rates at any of the listed hotels.