Experience life-changing and profound teachings at our RISE Intensives in a live and intimate setting, taught by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow - or - study at your own pace by purchasing the RISE Bundle (video/workbook based courses designed for use individually or as a small group). Completion of courses may qualify you for a 7 Mountain Coach Certification (if at least one Intensive is attended) and/or RISE Coach Certification (if all three Intensives are attended) and allows you to become a part of the RISE network. All who complete the RISE Courses will be invited to exclusive events for the purpose of connecting and strategizing with other like-minded believers committed to bringing the love and healing of God to the broken systems of culture. 

RISE Courses were created by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow for the purpose of deepening your relationship with God, expanding your perspective of who He is and what He's really like, and launching you into your unique destiny and expression of His love in society.


RAINBOW GOD complements Johnny and Elizabeth's book, Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love.  In this course you'll explore the seven areas of culture as the format for which we are receiving the kingdom of God on earth, as well as the seven faces of God that we were created to display as aspects of His love manifesting through us to society. You'll begin the process of looking at the lies you may have believed about God based on the way you personally experienced each area of culture growing up and discover the truth of who He desires to be for you and through you.

HEARING GOD is a course that's been used to equip and release people in many nations from different walks of life and ages how to recognize God's voice and use it to encourage others in an everyday, non-religious language. You'll have opportunities to grow personally in your prophetic gift (everyone has one!) so that others can experience the love and solutions of the Father coming through you.

SEVEN MOUNTAIN MANDATE is a course developed from Johnny's first two books, The Seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle. You'll understand and learn to communicate the assignment we've been given as sons and daughters of God to bring reformation to the seven primary areas of culture/mountains. This course includes helpful teaching on the correct theology and end-time doctrine that gives us permission to believe and contend for the glory of God being manifest in the earth, as it is in heaven. The live Intensive also includes teaching from Johnny's most recent book, The Seven Mountain Renaissance.


RISE Intensives are an incredible opportunity for you to experience personal teaching by Johnny and Elizabeth, ministry times, and prophetic worship in an intimate, three-day course hosted at The Refuge Church, Rancho Cucamonga, California. You'll not only benefit from interaction with the Enlow's in this relaxed environment, but also time spent with others who are equally committed to social reformation. Your registration fee for any of the Intensives (first time only) includes a free RISE Bundle (a $195 value). Attend all three RISE Intensives and receive a RISE Coach Certification

Please be aware that there is limited registration for each RISE Intensive. Unless otherwise noted, there are three sessions per day, beginning at 9:30 am each day and ending by 9:30 pm each night. Many enjoy meals together at nearby restaurants in between sessions. If you're traveling to be with us, consider adding a few extra days to enjoy the fun and beauty of our state. 



  1. Register for a RISE Intensive - your registration fee for any of the Intensives (first time only) includes a free RISE Bundle (a $195 value). Spouses registration fee is free, but an additional set of workbooks is required ($45). Attend all three RISE Intensives and receive a RISE Coach Certification. Attend one Intensive and complete the other courses on your own and receive a 7 Mountain Coach Certification. A 20% discount may be applied if all three intensives are registered for and paid-in-full in advance with code "rise20" at checkout.

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  2. Order a RISE Bundle - includes everything you need to complete all 3 courses and can be purchased for at-home or small group use. Each of the three included courses consists of 9 video sessions and includes 3 separate workbooks with fill-in-the-blanks and thought-provoking questions for homework or group discussion. You may receive RISE Certificates of Completion for each of the 3 courses if you fill out and submit the short online Questionnaire. If you later choose to attend a RISE Intensive, then your registration fee will be discounted the $195 you paid for the RISE Bundle.

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