RISE is the answer for radical lovers of Jesus who know they were created to change the world, but haven't known exactly what that looks like in real life. We believe God desires to partner with His sons and daughters to display His goodness in the earth and reform every broken system in every area of culture. If you're fully convinced that the real God loves the world and has solutions for every problem that exists in society, then RISE is for you!


Who is RISE for? It's a community for those who believe that God not only loves and cares about all of humanity, but also desires to display His love, kindness, and goodness through His sons and daughters in all areas of culture.

  • For those who have a lifelong commitment to using their personal intimacy with God to access His solutions and better ways of doing everything for the purpose of bringing reformation to society through their specific areas of influence, passion, and expertise.
  • For those who need clarity concerning the area of culture/mountain they're called to, as well as those already connected to their career and area(s) of culture/mountain(s), but want further understanding of how to best steward over their favor and influence.
  • For individuals, couples, families, organizations, churches, ministries, and businesses who want to connect and share best practices with others who desire to be reformers in their particular area(s) of culture/mountain(s).  

How can I join RISE? Complete all three RISE Courses and choose at least one of the following four groups to align and connect with: The RISE Tribe, RISE Affiliates, RISE Coaches, and/or RISE Churches (descriptions below). As each of these groups grow, we believe God will build and establish an organized, organic network of relationships that will carry influence individually as well as collectively. Together we will access God's solutions and strategic ways to create sustainable cultural reformation throughout the earth. 


The RISE Tribe is for those who believe and understand their roles as Christian individuals/couples/families to influence society in the areas they have passion and influence in - using their intimacy with God to bring His solutions to the problems that exist in the broken systems of culture in their homes, communities, cities, and nations.


RISE AFFILIATES is for organizations, churches, ministries, and businesses who believe and understand the importance of actively utilizing the specific expertise and opportunities they have to influence society by contributing God-inspired creative solutions, methods of operating, and work ethics to the areas of culture they represent and impact through their organization.


RISE and 7 Mountain Coaches are individuals who desire to partner with us by hosting and leading others through the three RISE Courses - helping to awaken and equip a generation of societal reformers who understand the basic 7 Mountain Mandate, how to hear God's voice to encourage and speak hope into individual lives and cities, and the simple focus of knowing and making known the true heart of God to the world. Coaches are our method of duplicating ourselves, increasing the exposure of RISE to more people in more regions. We encourage Coaches to host and even charge registration fees for their own weekly groups or RISE Intensives.



RISE Churches are any size local congregation of Christians that meet regularly and desire to come under the apostolic oversight of Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow in a relational context, for the purpose of providing ongoing, organic opportunities for guidance as needed. (RISE Churches may also be affiliated with other networks.)


RISE Events serve our primary goal of connecting like-minded followers of Jesus with one another for the purpose of unity of vision and strategy as we partner with God in bringing heaven to earth through His love, presence, power, and practical solutions. It's become obvious to those who seek societal change that those who "climb the mountains" of influence simply cannot advance alone without risking their very lives and families. We were never meant to do it alone and if we are going to take the spiritual ground God meant for us to take individually and collectively, then we must learn as "mountain climbers" to be "roped" with others. When we are, we can draw upon each other's insights, advances, and strengths. Ongoing, as the community of reformers grows, we look forward to planning and hosting a variety of meetings in different settings and creative formats that will facilitate what God wants and directs RISE to do and be throughout the nations. We will continue to host RISE Intensives where we teach our three different RISE Courses in an intimate, relational, and interactive setting.